If you've ever seen a hip-hop music video, you're probably used to seeing ladies shaking their butts all over the screen. Videos like Kanye West's "Gold-Digger" are chart-topping hits not just because of their catchy lyrics, but also because of their half-naked female dancers. Which makes up-and-coming rapper Fly Young Red's newest video, "Throw That Boy P***y" a little out of the hip-hop norm.

But, is his new video creating a space for gay men in the hip-hop genre or is it transposing objectification onto a new class? Fusion's Alicia Menendez sat down with the creator of the highly buzzed-about music video, Fly Young Red, in his first-ever TV interview. Check it out. Credit: Victoria Moreno, Bianca Perez and Paola Bolano

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