PHOTO: A clip from a Game Of Thrones parody ad.

The Best 'Game Of Thrones' Parodies Leading Up To Season 3 Premiere


Maroon 5 "Payphone" GOT parody
At first it may seem annoying, because you already hate that Maroon 5 song, and because this guy looks like he's trying too hard. But keep listening. It gets really good, I promise. Especially the rap part.
PHOTO: A clip from a Game Of Thrones parody ad called Maroon 5 Payphone Parody: Game Of Thrones.
School of Thrones
"Game of Thrones" and "90210" had a baby and it was called "School of Thrones." Can't wait for the next episode... for real. And the intro on this YouTube show is pretty amazing and worth watching.
PHOTO: A clip from a Game Of Thrones parody ad called School Of Thrones.
GOT as a 90's sitcom
Think "Growing Pains" with a lot of dirt and dragons. PopWatch calls it "Xena-esque production values, '80s-inflected theme song, and close-ups of fond smiles."
PHOTO: A clip from a Game Of Thrones parody ad.
Game of Clones
What's weird about this parody is that it's not that funny, yet it has over 142,000 views and a lot of user engagement. At the end of this minute sketch where Brittani Louise Taylor (I'm guessing it's her because she posted the video and the picture matches) plays 4 characters from GOT who keep calling her Jon Snow, she's sitting on her bed talking directly into the camera about how great "Game of Thrones" is. Then she asks viewers to leave comments on what their favorite show is. And guess what? People actually did! Over 3,000 comments! What!
PHOTO: A screenshot from Brittani Louise Taylors Game of Thrones parody Game of Clones.
Rihanna "Stay" Khaleesi parody
First off, snaps to this parody for pulling off the white wig and still looking cute. Secondly, great detail with the Drogo heart tattoo on the back of her shoulder. Thirdly, they have nice voices (if those are their real voices), and even if they're not, the parody lyrics are worth it. Example: "Tell me now, tell me now, tell me now, I'm worth a spin-off show." Yes, Khaleesi, you are.
PHOTO: A screenshot from Khaleesi Rihanna Stay Parody Game of Thrones.
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