Beautiful People Fare Better in a Poor Job Market

Elise Roedenbeck

I've done a lot of things to land the right job, but taking the perfect selfie isn't one of them. Dating website, (for beautiful people only), has launched an additional service for employers looking to hire someone with "all the right assets." Not meant for the sex industry either-- even the most serious workplace environment can be transformed into an Absolute Vodka commercial (productive!).

Some people say it's a brutally honest approach to finding potential employees but considering I found plenty of work back when I was an emo cat lady who wore thrift-store tees and cut her own hair, I have to believe there's more to job hunting than good looks. Granted, as an IT specialist I was confined to a server closet...

Maybe one day we will become a race of ostentatious beauty freaks, or maybe we'll all be genetically modified to look like Brangelina (simultaneously, yes). However, I would like to believe we can celebrate our differences and accept ourselves for who we are. Unless, of course, someone wants to pay for my boob job.

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