In Mexico, a Lavish Cemetery For Narcos

PHOTO: A cemetery in Mexico that houses the remains of several notorious drug lords.

ABC Univision

"Even in death they live the good life", says Javier Valdez, coordinator of the Rio Doce weekly newspaper in Sinaloa, of the narco-cemetery that sits just outside of Culiacán, the state's violence-ridden capital.

Valdez guided Univision Investiga on an exclusive tour of the Jardines de Humaya cemetery, a place dotted with lavish mausoleums housing the remains of some of Sinaloa's most notorious druglords.

But even in death, they're not safe from their enemies.

The opulent cemetery clashes with the poor neighborhood that surrounds it, a reflection of the narco culture that pervades Culiacán with the presence of the Sinaloa Cartel, headed by the infamous Joaquien "El Chapo" Guzmán.

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