Guatemala Earthquake Death Toll Rises to 52, Dozens Still Missing

Carlos Alonzo/ El Periodico de Guatemala

A 7.4 magnitude earthquake rattled northern Guatemala on Wednesday morning, followed by numerous aftershocks sending people to sleep on the streets.

Death toll has risen to 52, many buried under their own houses or workplaces, and 22 are still unaccounted for.

The earthquake was felt as far as El Salvador and Mexico City, where people evacuated buildings.

In a press conference Guatemala's president Otto Pérez Molina said this is the worst earthquake since the one in 1976 which killed almost 23,000 people.

Destruction in San Marcos, Guatemala, after the earthquake on Wednesday. (Carlos Alonzo, El Periodico de Guatemala)

Rubble filled streets will take weeks, if not months, to get back to normal. (Carlos Alonzo, El Periodico de Guatemala)

Dozens of people died burried under flimsy constructions. (Carlos Alonzo, El Periodico de Guatemala)

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