PHOTO: Hadokening: Marginally more fun than re-Tumblring .gifs.

Hadokening Is the Latest Twitter Trend to Confuse You


When young people aren't taking to social media to show off their ability to consume thousands of calories in one sitting, they are "Hadoken-ing," reenacting scenes from cartoons with pretty awesome results. While definitely not searching for twerk .gifs on Tumblr last night, I happened upon this post, originally from The site describes the trend thusly: "[O]ne of the latest twitter trends coming out of Japan is for young school girls to take photos with their friends doing poses and power moves from anime series like Dragon Ball Z." Essentially, this involves one person using her (or his) "power" to toss enemies (or frenemies) into the air. One person will reach out his or her arms, mimicking an anime pose, while others pretend to be propelled back by the force. Vice refers to the trend "

Unless you've been living (and/or creating performance art) under a rock, you are likely aware that actress and artist Tilda Swinton performed her piece, "The Maybe," at New York City's MoMA this past weekend. This involved napping in a glass box while onlookers wondered how and when she went to the restroom. Proving to be as much a muse as she is a creator, Swinton's performance art piece has inspired people online to "Tilda" -- that is, to nap in a public place while others look on.
PHOTO: Tildaing or passing out? You decide.
It's like planking (lying face-down in an odd and/or public place), but vertical. True fact: In 2011, 1.6 babies were made, accidentally, through pillaring. Don't become a statistic.
PHOTO: Please dont confuse pillaring with standing.
Gadget frying
The frying of eletronic gadgets. The fatty bits of tech are the work of Brooklyn artist Henry Hargreaves, who displays his work on his website. We predict frying gadgets will be huge this spring.
PHOTO: Artist Henry Hargreaves knows everything is better fried.
Telling a story while posing for a mugshot in borrowed pants as your twin sister mysteriously sheds her appendages.
PHOTO: Lindsay Lohan, trendsetter.
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