Catching Up With Romney's Mexican Cousins


They're as Mexican as corridos and as fair skinned as Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney: these are Romney's Mexican cousins who've been living in Chihuahua, Casas Grandes, since the beginning of the 1900's.

They speak Spanish, gulp tacos, run farms and pray at the Mormon temple they've prominently erected in the middle of this Mexican town. Those with dual nationality (Mexican and US) will probably vote for their cousin Mitt.

Romney's great grandfather, Miles Park Romney, fled to Mexico in 1885 escaping anti-polygamy laws in the U.S. Romney's own father, George W. Romney, was born in Chihuahua, and his family moved back to the U.S. when he was 5 years old.

Romney's Mexican roots have surfaced at interesting points during the campaign trail. He first brought it up during a stomp speech in New Hampshire in January and later during a fundraiser made famous by in September in which he said that being Latino would help his chances with that demographic.

The video above was shot in January, when Romney was still a Republican presidential candidate.

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