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Mexico City sinking Play Video


The more people drink, the more this city sinks

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Making music with a wave of her hand

Using an array of gyroscopes, infrared light sensors, her computer and countless cords, Pamela Z is able to program and playback loops of her voice, in front of a live audience, with just a wave of her hand. While there is a magic about her presence, the result is no trick: years of voice training and constant technological innovation have made her a force of art here in the Bay Area.

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Tech Mysteries

These California parents only let their kids play with old technology

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Lab Rats

Meet Otto, the drawing robot

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We tried chewable coffee and lived to tell the tale

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Hello Barbie is the most infuriating toy we've ever played with

Stormtrooper street art Play Video

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Star Wars stormtroopers are taking over Mexico City

drone fight club Play Video

Machines of Loving Grace

This is 'Fight Club' for drones