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sacrificed_bedbug_thumbnail_4 Play Video


Why a biologist subjected herself to thousands of bed bugs

Sacrificed Human Heart 4 Play Video


The doctor who jammed a catheter into his own heart

Sacrificed - High Altitude 3 Play Video

Weird News

Was this the highest parachute jump ever attempted?

Meet the daredevil Army surgeon who jumped out of a plane at 40,200 feet to prove the importance of oxygen masks during high altitude flights. Sacrificed is a Fusion original web series in which we share the stories of scientists so passionate about their research, they use themselves as human guinea pigs, subjecting their bodies to dangerous conditions and diseases in a valiant (though sometimes misguided) search for the truth.

Sacrificed EP1-THUMBNAIL[4] Play Video


Why would a scientist inject gonorrhea pus into his own penis?

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 3.27.38 PM Play Video


Why humans evolved to feel happiness

©jessicakassin_ohmiami (19 of 69) Play Video


Poetry is so hot in Miami right now

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 5.40.51 PM Play Video


The history of the condom in under three minutes

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 12.58.20 AM Play Video


The history of the beard in under three minutes

blueballs Play Video


Are 'blue balls' a real thing?

The History of High Heels Play Video


Mansplainer: The history of high heels

As quintessentially feminine as they seem to us today, high heels were originally worn by men. Heighten your knowledge of their surprising history with the latest installment of our Mansplainer series.

Featuredimagecantinflas Play Video


5 things you didn't know about Cantinflas

We take it for granted, but Sony's Walkman was the pioneer when it comes to listening to music on the go. Play Video


How the Walkman changed how we experience music

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