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I sing backup for Stevie Wonder

All I Do explores young adults and the jobs they love. In this episode, Jasmin Cruz tells the story of how she went from a corporate career in NYC to traveling the world with Stevie Wonder.

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I am a children's librarian

All I Do explores young adults and the jobs they love. In this episode, Katrina Ortega talks about how her love of books and libraries led her to become a champion of literature for children.

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I became a dancer after finishing medical school

All I Do explores young adults and the jobs they love. In this episode, Sade Bully explains why she decided to throw herself into a modern dance career after graduating from medical school.

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I gave up basketball for banking

All I Do explores young adults and the jobs they love. In this episode, Jerome Hayden explains how he went from life as a college basketball star to a career in banking.

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I help save sick and injured animals

All I Do explores young adults and the jobs they love. In this episode, emergency veterinary technician Leslie Spencer explains why she loves animals more than people.

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Criminal Justice

Watch a former prosecutor apologize for sending an innocent man to death row

In 1984, Louisiana prosecutor Marty Stroud tried 34-year-old Glenn Ford for the armed robbery and murder of Isadore Rozeman, an elderly jeweler for whom Ford did yard work. Ford, a father of two with another child on the way, was convicted by an all-white jury and sentenced to death. He spent 30 years in solitary confinement on death row in the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola before evidence came to light in 2013 proving his innocence. Last year, Marty sat down with filmmaker Gena Konstantinakos to deliver his apology to Glenn directly to the camera.

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3 women share their stories about escaping abusive relationships

Earlier this year, Fusion producers visited a shelter run by Safe Horizon, an organization that helps survivors of domestic violence. In the video above, three women — Naomi, Fawzeeyah and Tamara — discuss their struggles with partners who abused them emotionally, physically and financially, and demonstrate how self-expression can make a big difference on the journey towards healing.

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I sing backup for Stevie Wonder

Say hello to Jasmin Cruz. The premiere episode of All I Do, our new series about young Americans and work, features Jasmin, 27, a Miami native and backup singer for the legendary Stevie Wonder. Jasmin began singing with Mr. Wonder in 2012, but didn't quit her job as an ad agency assistant in NYC until January of this year, when she decided to pursue music fulltime. Using original interviews and images taken by Jasmin during Mr. Wonder's "Songs in the Key of Life" tour in 2014 & 2015, we've created a colorful portrait of a young woman practicing her craft alongside one of modern music's most important artists.



"I am a person demanding that I be treated as such. All I want is a revolution.”

In this episode of the digital memoir series #nofilter, college student and transgender activist Pat Cordova-Goff breaks down what it means to be gender-noncomforming, the support she's received from her family, and how even though she worked hard to accept that she is different from others, speaking up can often be difficult, and dangerous.

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Janet Mock: 'This is who I am.'

In the second episode of Fusion’s “Self Evidence” series, bestselling writer, TV commentator, and transgender activist Janet Mock explains how she acquired a true sense of freedom once she rejected others’ expectations of who she was supposed to be.



"When I was 19, I had an abortion. It was the best decision of my life."

#nofilter is a short digital memoir series showcasing a diverse range of experiences with an honest and unique point of view. Each story is made up entirely of a participant’s own words and photographs. In this episode, reproductive justice activist Renee Bracey Sherman explains the positive impact that having an abortion has had on her life.

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