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You may have just thrown away a valuable piece of art

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Machines of Loving Grace

Make-up tutorial: How to hide from facial recognition

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Making music with a wave of her hand

Using an array of gyroscopes, infrared light sensors, her computer and countless cords, Pamela Z is able to program and playback loops of her voice, in front of a live audience, with just a wave of her hand. While there is a magic about her presence, the result is no trick: years of voice training and constant technological innovation have made her a force of art here in the Bay Area.

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Lab Rats

Meet Otto, the drawing robot

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Lab Rats

Video: For 4/20, here's some mind-blowing physics to get high to

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YouTube: The greatest record of modern civilization

On the 10th anniversary of You Tube, Alexis Madrigal contemplates the collective impact of millions of clips documenting every corner of the mundane world.

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Machines of Loving Grace

The most epic supercut of robots on film you'll ever see

Watch 93 years flash before your eyes as your favorite robots, cyborgs and humanoids, stomp, roll and swarm their way across the silver screen, in this epic supercut of robots on film.

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  • The latest 7 videos
  • All Articles 40 posts
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