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Birth control side effects are not a joke

Women have complained of side effects from hormonal birth control for decades. Now that men are starting to understand the drag, could we see a breakthrough?

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Sex.Right.Now. with Cleo Stiller

Women can get 'blue balls,' too

In Fusion's commitment to provide our readers with the sex ed they need to have healthy and happy sex lives, we break down fact versus fiction when it comes to blue balls—ultimately revealing that the condition can effect people with ovaries, too.

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Sex.Right.Now. with Cleo Stiller

SEX. RIGHT. NOW. answers all your burning questions

Sex education in this country is dismal—and SEX. RIGHT. NOW. aims to bridge the gap, answering our audience's most intimate questions about sex and dating today.

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How much sex are your friends really having?

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What the hell is a 'Zika-proof' condom—and should we all be using them?

The Australian Olympic Committee is sending its athletes to Rio equipped with "Zika-proof" condoms. But what makes these condoms special—and should we all be using them, just in case?

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5 Ways to Shut Down a Mansplainer (FOR WP)

Five ways to shut down a mansplainer. Mansplainers ruining your day? Here's how to stop them in their tracks (without actually killing them).

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This pill allows you to have anxiety-free sex. So why aren't more people taking it?



This is how our generation is having Sex. Right. Now.

In Sex. Right. Now., host Cleo Stiller explores the new—and revolutionary—ways our generation is hooking up, having sex, and relating to our bodies.

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Donald Trump is wreaking havoc on my marriage

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I stuffed my face with baby food and didn't vomit

Proponents say the diet tackles two of the biggest weight loss challenges: caloric intake and portion control. But can an adult human really survive on baby food without vomiting?

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Why does amazing sex often lead to awful infections?

Most women know the drill: Pee after sex, or else you'll get a terrible infection. But is this guidance based on an old wives' tale or is it grounded in medical science? Cleo Stiller investigates—and gives you the final verdict.

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Now you can make custom geo-filters for Snapchat

Mastercard to use selfies over passwords. Morgan Freeman is the new voice of Waze. Snapchat will let you make your own geo-filter.

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What goes on in the brains of shopping addicts?

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Should you get hot and sweaty on a first date?

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Do lesbians give the best advice about women's bodies?

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Is it cool to bring up bad online dates on a first date?

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What's it like be asexual and in love?

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Do asexual people masturbate?



Am I crazy for not Google stalking my dates?

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Can I ditch my therapist for an avatar?

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Why women actually enjoy anal sex

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How can queer women get the sexual health care they deserve?

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Can teledildonics really make your sex better?

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Social Media

Hit the new 'Amen' button on 'Facegloria,' the cleaner version of Facebook

Elsa is one of the most fastest names on the rise for newborn baby girls, Robin Williams is getting a tunnel renamed after him, and Evangelists launch Facegloria, the clean Facebook.

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Why are these men trying to regrow their foreskins?

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What's the National Spelling Bee connection with Drake?

One Directions fans turn to Obama for answers, Android to support USB-C charging between phones, and Drake was named dropped in the National Spelling Bee.

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Hair's a way to show you're the #1 classical music fan

Southeby's auctions off Mozart and Beethoven hair, Hillary Clinton's new pansuit t-shirt, and Webster's dictionary adds W-T-F.

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How did an artist get $90K from a taking screenshot?

Florida mom hides son to avoid getting circumcised, artist sold Instagram user's photos for $90K, and Pac Sun removes controversial t-shirt.

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Skip the campfire, Oreos unveils their S'mores cookie

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Are handsome men really discriminated against in interviews?

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Why are IUDs suddenly so popular—and how do they work?

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The difference between falling in love in your twenties and eighties

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What is a douche?

One out of every four women in the United States between the ages of 15 and 44 douche, announced earlier this year. But why are these contraptions so complicated?

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Alicia Menendez Tonight

Tinder advice from Dr. Ruth: Don't use it for hookups

You know the, "Actually, that did happen to me one night in college..." kind of conversation that's usually followed by you raising your hand for a high five and getting zero reciprocation? Pump the breaks on that behavior because it will lead to guilt and an unhealthy romantic life, says Dr. Ruth.

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Dr. Ruth: Don't go on a date sexually frustrated!

Dr. Ruth is a pioneer in the field of sex therapy, giving women and men of all ages relationship and sex tips for the past thirty five years. They say individualism is a mark of our generation, so needless to say, it wasn't enough for us to take the advice she doles out to the masses. When she invited Fusion to swing by her place in Manhattan for a personalized, head-to-toe assessment, we went.

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Alicia Menendez Tonight

Sex workers tweet their way to profit at this Nevada brothel

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When women draw vaginas

Can you draw and label a woman's ovaries, vagina, Fallopian tubes and cervix? We asked five women to draw their reproductive systems and the female genitalia.

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Is female ejaculation real and three other popular sex myths debunked

You hit your mid-twenties, you think you've got sex pretty figured out. So no, you don't need sex 101, but let's think of this more as continuing adult education. Fusion brought four of the hottest contested, most misunderstood sex myths to Dr. Lanalee Sam, the Medical Director of Elite Obstetrics & Gynecology in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Is squirting in your future? Watch the video.

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Midterm Mayhem

How hard is it to run as an Independent when you have $86 million in the bank?

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