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420-acre tourism project in Grand Canyon threatens Native American lands

The land to the east of the Grand Canyon National Park belongs to the Najavo. But the tribe could face relocation due to the proposed Grand Canyon Escalade project. The proposed billion-dollar 420-acre tourism development on the western edge of the Navajo reservation would be located at the confluence of the Colorado River and the Little Colorado River -- a place sacred to the Navajo and other native groups. The Escalade project would include a gondola to the floor of the Grand Canyon, where visitors could patronize new restaurants, hotels, and stadium-style seating to take in the views. The Colorado River was named the most endangered American river in 2013. This proposed tourist attraction also threatens the river and might drive it even closer to extinction.

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Is the Rio Grande Valley Like a Third World Country?

On February 5, Gregg Abbott-- the Texas Attorney General and the presumptive Republican candidate for governor--drew criticisms for saying that the political corruption found in the Rio Grande Valley resembles that of a third country.

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  • All Articles 7 posts