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Pasta on a mission

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Meet the Englishwoman who loves to wine

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Time, patience, and pigs

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The Gelato University is a real thing

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Wearing is caring: How some of the most environmentally friendly panties are made

As consumers eschew fast fashion for clothing they can support ethically, the connection between what you wear and how it was made has become more important than ever. This video explores the social and environmental challenges in the apparel industry today though the lens of one type of clothing: panties.

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These artisans are saving the traditional roots of Tuscany's favorite cheese

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Could humans and dinosaurs have coexisted? A paleontologist explains.

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Climate Change

Three towns that aren’t waiting for world leaders to take climate change action

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Why this nanotechnologist became a goat cheese maker

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AMERICA with Jorge Ramos

These insoles charge your phone with every step

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Why a biologist subjected herself to thousands of bed bugs

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Why Myanmar's elections are so historic

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This balsamic vinegar might cost an arm and a leg, but here’s why it's worth it

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What the f*ck is gluten?

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Project Earth

Formula E offers all the speed without the side effects

The second season of Formula E, the world's first fully electric racing series, kicks off at the end of October with the 2015 Beijing ePrix. Enthusiasts of the sport hope it will serve as a major technical and cultural boost for the electric vehicle market, impacting the future course of the entire automobile industry.

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The 17-year-old YouTube cover star turned serious musician

Fusion Play Video


What's the difference between a barista and your average coffee-maker?

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R5 takes family band to a whole nother level

Sacrificed Human Heart 4 Play Video


The doctor who jammed a catheter into his own heart

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Climate Change

One way to offset your carbon footprint for international travel

Fusion producer Lacey Uhlemeyer traveled to Costa Rica to document domestic efforts to go carbon neutral. She also looked into eliminating her carbon footprint.

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Climate Change

Costa Rica beats its record: 100% clean energy for 94 straight days

Costa Rica has pledged to be fully carbon neutral by 2021. We traveled there to see how the country and its citizens are realizing this ambitious goal. This is an episode of "In the World," a Fusion original web series that features the people, places, and organizations across the globe that are on the forefront of the green energy movement.

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Jason Derulo on being sexual and all in your face

A behind the scenes look at the life of Jason Derulo, including rare performances of "Get Ugly" and "Want to Want Me."

Sacrificed - High Altitude 3 Play Video

Weird News

Was this the highest parachute jump ever attempted?

Meet the daredevil Army surgeon who jumped out of a plane at 40,200 feet to prove the importance of oxygen masks during high altitude flights. Sacrificed is a Fusion original web series in which we share the stories of scientists so passionate about their research, they use themselves as human guinea pigs, subjecting their bodies to dangerous conditions and diseases in a valiant (though sometimes misguided) search for the truth.

Sacrificed EP1-THUMBNAIL[4] Play Video


Why would a scientist inject gonorrhea pus into his own penis?

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How Mat Kearney puts his singer-songwriter roots to hip-hop beats

Mat Kearney didn’t start making music until he was a junior at California State University, Chico. A chance encounter with a roommate led him to pick up a guitar for the first time. He had never played a musical instrument before in his life, and it never crossed his mind that this could be a long-term thing for anyone. But Kearney, an English Literature major, discovered he could write. He became obsessed with it, eventually dropping out of college. “You find those things in life where you’re like, I don’t know if this is work, play," Kearney, now 36, says. But now, "this is all I want to do.... It's just fun.” Ten years, five albums, and five Top 20 hits on Billboard's Adult Pop Songs chart later, that passion hasn’t dissipated. While writing his latest album, Just Kids, Kearney was listening to a lot of Paul Simon and hip-hop. "I kept asking, like, what would Kanye and Paul Simon do if they were in a room together? That was the goal of some of my writing.” This is an episode of SoundBites, a Fusion original web series. Whether on tour, at the recording studio, or at home, SoundBites provides a rare, behind-the-scenes glimpse at the lives of today’s top musical artists.

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Why humans evolved to feel happiness

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How the makers of Pixar's 'Inside Out' figured out how to think like a tween

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Jukebox the Ghost's decade-long ‘marriage’

Inside the decade-long ‘marriage’ of Jukebox the Ghost

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Ingrid Michaelson's evolving, interactive world

A behind the scenes look at being on tour with Ingrid Michaelson.

SoundBites with Fifth Harmony Play Video


Inside the crazy, fabulous life of Fifth Harmony

An inside look at what its like to go from singing competition contestants to America's favorite teen pop female group. Despite becoming America’s favorite group of talented teens overnight, the most admirable trait Fifth Harmony possesses is how humble and grounded they’ve remained throughout the process. In addition to showing us how down to earth they are, the girls gave us a sample of their award-winning voices, performing their first album’s lead single “BO$$.” This is the first episode of SoundBites, a Fusion original web series. Whether on tour, at the recording studio, or at home, SoundBites provides a rare, behind-the-scenes glimpse at the lives of today’s top musical artists.

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An animated Diego Luna explains the challenges of making 'Cesar Chavez'

The new movie about the iconic labor leader, Cesar Chavez, opens in theaters today.

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