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FRAZIER PARK, CA - MAY 7: A ground water level sign emphasizes the urgency of a drought-related water supply emergency in the community of Lake of the Woods in Los Padres National Forest on May 7, 2015 near Frazier Park, California. According to an aerial survey conducted by the U.S. Forest Service in April, about 12 million trees have died in California forestlands in the past year because of extreme drought. The dead trees add to the flammability of a drying landscape that is increasingly threatened by large, intense wildfires. In some areas where extremely hot wildfires have occurred, as in the 437-square mile Cedar fire that burned across San Diego County in 2003, most trees have died and chaparral brush is displacing the forests and animals that rely upon them. The findings of the study were compared to similar surveys taken in July 2014. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images) Play Video

AMERICA with Jorge Ramos

What's happening in California could happen across the U.S. if we're not careful with our water

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Project Earth

California's drought: Inside a home with no water

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Desperate farmers are in an epic arms race to drill California's groundwater

9 Play Video


California's Salton Sea is shrinking and that could mean death for fish, wildlife — and people

paporeto01 Play Video


These citizen journalists in Rio's poorest areas are fighting police brutality with smartphones

pool-water Play Video


Can this technology end California's water crisis?

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It's terrifyingly easy for just about anyone to buy your personal information

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'We did what we had to do': Protest turns to celebration in Baltimore

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 11.51.55 AM Play Video

Gang member speaks out about Baltimore violence: 'Nothing to do with gangs'

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Baltimore protesters defy curfew, stand off with police

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 10.58.46 AM Play Video

‘They’re firing nonstop’: Chilling video of a Baltimore standoff

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Machines of Loving Grace

Company says governments are deploying weaponized drones for crowd control

150408-pool-puppets Play Video

This is how governments are using fake online accounts to manipulate you

150323-ferguson-documentary Play Video

The policing of black bodies: Racial profiling for profit and the killing of Ferguson's Mike Brown

150323-ferguson-documentary Play Video

The policing of black bodies: Racial profiling for profit and the killing of Ferguson's Mike Brown

Ferguson Play Video

What 'going on tour' and 'driving through the gauntlet' mean in Ferguson

Apple To Announce Quarterly Earnings Play Video

Siri is recording everything you say

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Fusion Special

Inside the growing film-the-cops movement

Two NYPD cops shot in Myrtle Ave in Brooklyn Play Video


Live stream: shooting of 2 NYPD cops in Brooklyn

Two officers were been shot dead on Saturday in Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn. The suspect also died. Fusion's Tim Pool lives near the Myrtle Avenue area in Brooklyn that has been closed off from the scene of the crime and is live streaming.

Grand Jury Decision Reached In Ferguson Shooting Case Play Video

Tear gas and flames: Watch how Ferguson descended into chaos

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Watch: Police fire tear gas, rubber bullets at group carrying unconscious woman in Ferguson

Grand Jury Decision Reached In Ferguson Shooting Case Play Video


Livestream: Scenes from Ferguson's streets

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Video: An average night in Ferguson means more protests, more arrests

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Watch: Ferguson prepares for the next wave of protests

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Moral Monday #fergusonoctober

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The people's voice: sounds of protest in Ferguson & St. Louis

ss1-prot Play Video

Protesters gassed, arrested in St. Louis overnight

A chalk mural in Ferguson, Mo. Play Video

Cornel West arrested; video of #FergusonOctober from Fusion's Tim Pool

NYPD arrest Polar Bear during Flood Wall Street on September 22, 2014 Play Video


Watch: Protesting polar bear arrested by New York Police

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