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5 Insane Golden Globe Moments

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The Golden Globes has had its share of noteworthy moments. We aren't talking about the typical nail-biting, celebrity jokes, and fashion faux pas we've come to expect from awards shows in general. We mean a drunk Elizabeth Taylor as presenter or Isaac Mizrahi groping ScarJo. Wondering what cheer this year's Globes will bring? Hold that thought and check out these five shocking and bizarre moments in the ceremony's history.

Christine Lahti's Bathroom Break
The Chicago Hope star won the award for Best Actress in a Drama (TV) in 1998... and was among the last people to hear about it, since she'd been in the bathroom when presenter Michael J. Fox called her name. "I was just flushing the toilet and someone, 'You won,'" she later (over)shared.
PHOTO: Actress Christine Lahti holds her Golden Globes
Host Ricky Gervais' Uh, Jokes
You can never accuse comedian Ricky Gervais of being a shy guy. During his opening monologue at the 2010, 2011, and 2012 awards, Gervais poked fun at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the network, Justin Bieber's ability to procreate, and everything about Tom Cruise.
PHOTO: 69th Annual Golden Globes Awards
Jack Nicholson's Full Moon
In 1999, Nicholson thanked the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for giving him the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award by nearly mooning the audience. Seems about right.
PHOTO: Actor Jack Nicholson holds the award he received
The Rat Pack Hijacks the Show
During the ceremony's first-ever televised broadcast in 1958, the Rat Pack -- consisting of superstars Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis, Jr. -- decided, rightly, that journalists make for boring awards show hosts. So they did what any celebrity would do and rushed the stage to take over hosting duties themselves.
PHOTO: Rat Pack In Vegas
The Tourist Noms Raise Brows
The 2011 awards raised eyebrows when The Tourist -- a film not exactly known for critical acclaim -- was nominated for the Best Musical/Comedy category. The nomination culminated in rumors that the film's distributor had bribed Globes voters with promises of a trip and a concert by Cher.
PHOTO: Johnny Depp
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