PHOTO: Best Actor nominee Joaquin Phoenix

Here's What the Oscar Nominees Are Really Thinking


Previously, we shared some guesses as to what this year's Grammy nominees are thinking during the awards ceremony. Well, our curiosity extends to the actors, directors and other artists who have swathed themselves in expensive fabric to give and receive glistening golden statues. What goes through their minds? Are they uncomfortable? Cold? Light-headed from their two week-long juice fast? Let's find out. Although: We actually have no idea what Joaquin is thinking.

Anne Hathaway
She tends to give memorable speeches. So why not rap when she (obviously) wins? We think she'd at least consider it.
PHOTO: Best Supporting Actress nominee Anne Hathaway
Jennifer Lawrence
This is actually what we've been thinking for months now.
PHOTO: Best Actress nominee Jennifer Lawrence
Daniel Day-Lewis
He's totally going to win and he knows it. But he has to at least pretend he's surprised.
PHOTO: Best Actor nominee Daniel Day-Lewis
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Oh, right! Hi there, PSH.
PHOTO: Best Supporting Actor nominee Philip Seymour Hoffman
Bradley Cooper
Is she...?
PHOTO: Best Actor nominee Bradley Cooper
Sally Field
PHOTO: Best Supporting Actress nominee Sally Field
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