PHOTO: Artisan Genny Di Virgilio paints a hand-crafted figurine of Pope Francis.

Pope Memorabilia: From the Most Wonderful to the Most Bizarre

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Now that a new pope -- Pope Francis -- has set up residence in Vatican City, one thing is crystal clear: We're going to need new stuff. One business in Steubenville, Ohio is already prepping to sell all kinds of Francis-related merchandise, its owner sharing that "we've got picture frames, we've got glass cut, we've had T-shirts purchased that are raw and we are ready to imprint them." And there's plenty of other more unique items for the pope's fans. In this image, for example, artist Genny Di Virgilio paints a figurine commemorating the new leader of the Church. Here are some other wonderful, awful, and bizarre examples of pope-inspired memorabilia.

Dolce del Papa
Literally "the pope's sweet" ("Sweet" as in like, a confection. Not like "the Pope's a sweet guy." Although maybe he is. I don't know his life!) in Italian, this delicate treat is made with chocolate and almonds. Its manufacturer, Pan Ducale, explains that the dessert "was born on the occasion of Pope John Paul II's visit to the city of Atri, home of the company Pan Ducale. The mastered dosages of genuine ingredients and the accurate artisan manufacturing award this product with a softness and unique fragrance."
PHOTO: A treat inspired by Pope John Paul II
"Papist' Trucker Cap
I'm not sure how to explain this "Papist"-themed merch, so I'll just leave you with the product description: "Gwon, gwon, gwon." I'll take all the trucker caps, please.
PHOTO: Its a look, we suppose.
If you're a fan of both recording messages to yourself, and disembodied heads, then this Pope "Benedictaphone" was truly made just for you.
PHOTO: A Benedictaphone
"Pope on a Rope"
This one is pretty self-explanatory. It's a little pope. Made of soap. On a rope. And I don't know about you, but I do not wish to wash myself using the head of the Catholic Church.
PHOTO: Pope on a Rope
Described as a "fresh new fragrance from the past," The Pope's Cologne is supposedly made from "the private formula of Pope Pius IX." If you wondered what a pope might smell like, the cologne purports to include hints of violets and citrus.
PHOTO: The Popes Cologne. Allegedly, anyway.
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