We got 12 Comic Con artists and writers to create one huge, messy GIF story for us

Our mega Comic Con story!

Andrew Dubbin

At a major comic book convention, you can collect original drawings and autographs from just about every author you admire enough to wait in line for.

That means it's technically also true that you can have them contribute to one big, messy story.

So from one pithy caption to interpretive drawing (and back and forth for four days), we managed to ricochet from booth to booth at Comic Con 2014 to collect tiny morsels of creativity from a few of the convention's best cartoonists and writers. Then we made it into a GIF.

Take a look at the story below! It begins with a troublesome sex-bot, and it ends--well, it ends where it begins.

The short story includes quick and brilliant drawings by such renowned cartoonists and writers as Shannon Wheeler, Mimi Pond, Paul Hornschemeier, Dave Kellett, Scott Campbell, Brendan Cahill, and Van Partible.

Also look out for written entries by authors Lucy Knisley, Eleanor Davis, Mark Russell, Joel Watson, and Simpsons director David Silverman.

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