PHOTO: These competitors are up to snuff. Punz!

German Snuff Competition and 6 Other Bizarre Contests

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What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words "German" and "snuff"? Oh. No, not any of those websites. So. Ok, what's the second thing? That's right: The 18th Snuff World Championships, held in Germany! "The competition's aim," writes HyperVocal, "is to snuff as much as possible from a five grams snuff package. But there's an art to it." Naturally. Of course, if watching people cram carcinogenic brown substances into their orifices isn't your bag, there are plenty of other competitions that might better suit your sensibilites.

World Championship Toe Wrestling
Formed in England in the 1970s, the Toe Wrestling World Championship gives those with agile toes an opporunity to show off their strength and cunning. One of the few cases where callouses can give one a competitive advantage. Outside of sex.
PHOTO: Gnarly toe war, anyone?
Air Sex World Championships
Speaking of sex! The Air Sex World Championships, which obviously started in Austin, is now held in various cities and judged by a panel of SEXPERTS (air high five for a sensual portmanteau), including sex shop owners and adult film stars. Also, local comedians.
PHOTO: Air virgin, obviously.
Extreme Ironing World Championships
Wikipedia describes extreme ironing (or EI, because brevity is the soul of extreme activities) as "an extreme sport and a performance art." People all around the world do it, for some reason.
PHOTO: Xtreme Ironing! Brought to you by Mountain Dew-flavored Tide.
World Black Pudding Throwing Competition
Inspired by the War of the Roses and/or brats, the World Black Pudding Throwing Championships involves tossing a six-ounce black pudding (a type of sausage made with blood) at a Yorkshire pudding (a muffin-like baked good made from batter) atop a 20-foot tower whilst standing upon a golden grid. Obviously.
PHOTO: In some locales, pudding tosser is a term of endearment.
Bra Removing Competition
China held a Bra Removing Competition (caps necessary, because this is Important) in Gungzhou City for no apparent reason. The winner was able to undo eights clasps in 21 seconds, which will surely result in some lucrative film opportunities.
PHOTO: The lost art of bra removal.
Dead Possum Costume Contest
The Uruti School in New Zealand held a fundraiser that involved young children dressing stuffed possums in dazzling gowns and smart little waistcoats. It brought in 6,000 bucks for the school and helped teach its students the ephemeral nature of both life and #fashion.
PHOTO: My, what an awesome possum.
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