Please Stop Trending: Everyone on Twitter Has Small Boobs, Apparently

PHOTO: Please Stop Trending: #SelfFact

Romina Puga

It was only a matter of days before another ridiculous hashtag started trending. Ok, it was probably more like a matter of seconds, but who checks Twitter that much anyway?

What we can learn from the hashtag #NameYourBoobsAfterASong is that, apparently, everyone using Twitter late at night on Tuesdays has small breasts, if any breasts at all.

Why is this important? It's not. But you know you're going to look through the following tweets anyway.

Then Zach Braff chimed in with this one:

Thank Heavens for people like Chandler:

So now you have something to talk about at the office today, or on your next date, or to call your mom about. You're welcome.

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