Clerk Critically Injured Trying to Save David Hasselhoff Cutouts

PHOTO: David Hasselhoff is the face of Cumberland Farms iced coffee drink, cleverly called the Iced Hoffee.


David Hasselhoff's Cumberland Farms iced-coffee-pegged life-size cardboard cutouts were the most popular summer "steal"... until this week.

What started (and continued for over a year) as a trend to steal the Hasselhoff cutouts from outside Cumberland Farms stores and post photos online of you with the Hoff, turned into a serious case when a store clerk tried to stop some people from taking a sign outside the Shelton, Connecticut, store where he worked.

The clerk was trying to flag down the SUV carrying the stolen cutouts when the car hit and dragged the 36-year-old employee, and he landed on his head. He's been in critical condition since.

A 19-year-old man turned himself in as one of the three people who were in the SUV, but no names have been disclosed.

Watch the video above for more about the Cumberland Farms "Iced Hoffee" hit-and-run.

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