Reggaeton Singer Don Omar Surprises Us With His Drag Racing Skills


Don Omar, the Puerto Rican reggaeton singer, actor and businessman (and don't forget, former pastor) has surprised us with another skill: drag racing.

As the creator and headliner for the Palm Beach International Raceway festival happening in Jupiter, Florida this weekend, Don Omar isn't just going to rap about sexy parties, he's going to get behind the wheel too. "My father was a mechanic. My grandfather was a mechanic. I don't know how, but they transferred that love to me," says the 35-year-old singer of the mega hit "Danza Kuduro." He gushes about his first car ever, his extensive car collection in Puerto Rico, while proudly noting that he's only had one speeding ticket.

But back to the reggaeton music we all like to shake our butts to, what are his plans for that? Don Omar wants to go bigger with his next album. "King of Kings was like a Broadway show and it was theatrical. I'm trying to bring that back into my new show," Omar says, "I hope to be the first Latin American to have a show in Vegas performing for a whole season." Don Omar as the new Celine? We hope so.

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