Parody Ad Shows Just How Patronizing Dove "Real Beauty" Ads Are to Women

Youre more beautiful than a beauty company tells you that you think you arent.

Above Average/YouTube

Above Average has come out with a Dove ad parody that perfectly sums up just how irritating the tone of this campaign can be.

By now, you're probably familiar with Dove's series of "Real Beauty" ads, particularly the long form, online versions (like "Sketches" and, more recently, "Patches") that revolve around experiments ostensibly aimed at showing a panel of female subjects that they are more beautiful than the hideous sea monsters they believe themselves to be. In fact, the campaign has become such a notable part of pop culture that it has spawned a comprehensive guide to understanding its meme-ness, and all the parody ads and commentary it has inspired.

This particular parody perfectly highlights just how defeated the campaign's videos makes its participants out to be, needing a beauty brand to swoop in and save them from themselves:

Always remember: You are more beautiful than a beauty company tells you that you think you aren't.

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