Eminem Releases Apology To Mom On Mother's Day

PHOTO: Eminem hugging his dear old momma.


Eminem released a touching apology to his mother yesterday in the form of a music video to his song “Headlights.” The song was fittingly released on Mother’s Day.

The Spike-Lee-directed video predominantly shows the first-person perspective of Eminem’s mom, Debbie Mathers. In it we see her smoking cigarettes and drinking vodka in Detroit while watching some of her son's many videos that depict their troubled relationship.

“Headlights” is full of apologetic lyrics—opening with the line “I know I let you down ma”— and details how his mother used to drive to Eminem’s gated community only to be turned away by security. Cold blooded.

You can watch the full video here.

The thing about mothers, the thing that you realize as you start to get older, is that they’re just like us, trying to get by and make the most of whatever situation that was handed to them. Sometimes they aren’t dealt the best cards, be it socially, economically, physically or mentally. And when that happens, life can be hard. But just because they aren’t equipped with the things that let them show they love you the way you think they should, it doesn’t mean they weren’t trying the best they could. It looks like Eminem is kind of realizing tha and coming to terms with it. Because, you know, you only get one mom.

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