‘Instructions Not Included’ Is Breaking Box Office Records

Hector Batista/Fusion

Eugenio Derbez’s latest film “Instructions not included” made history last weekend when it became the highest grossing Spanish-language film to open in North America. The film shattered box office records, and if you look at the number of tickets sold per theater last weekend, the film even surpassed films with much larger budgets like “The Butler.”

“Instructions” averaged an extraordinary $22,594 per screen, compared to “The Butler” which averaged $6,066 per screen.

“Now there’s curiosity from the general American market, they’re asking what’s happening with this movie, what is it about this film that has led to this huge box office success,” Derbez told Fusion. The Mexican star is not only the main actor in the film; he also wrote and directed it.

The stars are aligned for “Instructions Not Included” to break even more records this weekend as the number of theaters screening the film doubles. The film is set to open in 717 theaters across the country today.

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Spanglish Film 'Instructions Not Included' Breaks Records

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