PHOTO: Jack White gave a fantastic (and glittery) performance at the Grammys.

The Best, Worst, And Weirdest In Grammy Award Suits

Getty/Kevork Djansezian

Gowns get all the attention on the fashion red carpet, usually with good reason -- Men's formal attire tends to be a little predictable. Not so at last night's Grammy Awards ceremony, where suits took center stage in all their glittery, feathered, bedazzled, hallucination-inducing glory. Let's take a look at some of the... well, if not best, then at least some of the most noteworthy looks of the night. For instance, Jack White here has expanded his palette to include blue, green, silver, glitter, and various hues not seen by the human eye.

John Mayer
John Mayer looks like what might happen if a kiwi and a grape made a baby inside Willy Wonka.
PHOTO: John Mayers suit was not only purple, it was PURPLE.
Wiz Khalifa
Wiz Khalifa rocked a shirtless look during his Grammy performance, becoming one of several performers to jump on the "underboob" bandwagon that evening.
PHOTO: Wiz Khalifa rocked a unique (and shirtless) suit.
Miguel's striped sequined jacket matched Wiz Khalifa's black and white suit, briefly creating a vortex into a parallel dimension where no one on Twitter complained about the Grammys.
PHOTO: Miguels jacket is both weird and totally working for him.
Prince wasn't wearing a suit so much as a cocoon made of dreams.
PHOTO: The artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince.
Janelle Monae
Janelle Monae always looks unique and polished, and it's nice to see a performer who cultivates a sense of style that truly stands out from the crowd and reflects what she feels most comfortable in rather than dressing in a way that's "weird for weird's sake." Talk to us again if she ever shows up in a suit made entirely of raw meat.
PHOTO: Janelle Monáe always manages to take a basic suit and turn it on its head.
Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen DeGeneres has never really been one for gowns and ruffles, but we wish she would have dressed up her simple black suit with something more than a T-shirt. That said, she and fellow presenter Beyonce matched nicely in their minimalist outfits.
PHOTO: Ellen DeGeneres dons a monochromatic looks for presenting alongside Beyonce.
Johnny Depp
Can we just take a quick second and discuss this scarf? That's not going to keep you warm, Johnny Depp. It's barely substantial enough to wipe your nose on, or to clean away the mascara-stained tears you cry after you nurse a young fawn back to life. What is the point of that scarf, Johnny Depp?
PHOTO: Johnny Depp chose a very Johnny Deppesque ensemble for the evening.
Dr. John
Dr. John has been in the game long enough that if he wants to wear various feathers and fur and creatures over his suit, he may.
PHOTO: We heard Jennifer Lopez had been THIS CLOSE to wearing this same thing last night.
Juanes covered Elton John while dressed as Johnny Cash.
PHOTO: Juanes continues the camisa negra theme.
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