Kimye is Getting Married: the Five Times Kim Kardashian Didn't Wear White So Well

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

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The long-anticipated marriage between the world's most talked-about couple, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, is finally here! After sources told TMZ that the duo may be getting hitched in secret this week, keeping their marriage license confidential so an official from the court will marry them privately in their home, that time is today. is now reporting that Kim is flying back straight from her wedding planning in Paris to LA to get hitched today at her mom's house in a small, private ceremony. We speculate that it may be to steal the thunder on Monday when they attend the Met Gala in NYC. After all, Kim does need to redeem herself after wearing a couch on last year's red carpet.

They are slated to throw their big celebration in Paris at the end of May. Even though pals Beyonce and Jay-Z allegedly want nothing to do with the shenanigans, we're sure the lavish event will definitely be over-the-top (especially if Kanye is the wedding planner). From Ray J's bed sheets to the cover of Vogue, soon-to-be Mrs. Kanye West has come a long way but here are five times she didn't look so good in white:

1. That time she wore a polar bear that Kanye probably made her wear or else he might have skinned and worn her. That's art, right?

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2. That time she had these raccoon eyes

Image via Twitter/@KimKardashian

3. That time Kim was flour bombed. It was also the closest she's ever come to cooking anything herself.

Image via Getty Images

4. That time she wore cream pants

Image via Jack/

5. That time the only white fabric she rocked was these bedsheets

Image via Vivid Entertainment/

We know, Kim. We're just as upset as you are. But, congrats anyways!

Image via E!/Ryan Seacrest Productions

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