5 Breaking Bad Spin Offs We'd Watch

PHOTO: Someone is going to pour that into their hot water. Mark my words.

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When something proves to be popular -- be it a TV series or a movie or a hashtag-turned-TV-movie -- talk constantly turns to how many possible sequels and prequels and spin offs it can in$pire. And we're not immune to that. With "Breaking Bad" returning this week for its final season and news surrounding the possibility of a prequel series based on lawyer Saul Goodman, we are desperately clinging to the idea of more spin off series so that we won't have to say goodbye to the absurd, hilarious suburban nightmare Vince Gilligan has created.

So here are some ideas worth considering, provided every character doesn't die a terrible and painful death by the season finale. Also, this list is filled with spoilers for previous seasons, so don't say I didn't warn you.

1. Kaylee

Now that (you read that this is replete with spoilers, yes?) Mike is so terribly dead, what becomes of his beloved granddaughter, Kaylee? A Kill Bill-esque revenge fantasy, that's what. Mike probably taught her a thing or seventeen about brutally murdering people with a spoon or whatever.

2. Walt Jr.

As if being a teenager with criminal parents isn't difficult enough, no one EVER listens to Walt/Flynn/Junior. Not to mention, his dad totally got him drunk to the point that he threw up in the pool AND ALSO he was given a cool car and then got it taken away and then he was saddled with a PT CRUISER and then got a cool car again and it's just, like. GOD.

Walt Jr.'s spin off should definitely be a cable news-style news program where he can JUST TALK.

3. Andrea's Grandmother

An authority on descarados and sinvergüenzas, Andrea's grandmother is not one to mince words. She's been through a great deal of heartbreak over a short period of time, and we, as viewers, haven't really been given the opportunity to see how she feels about any of it. She's also one of like 2.5 Latino characters on the show who isn't involved in selling or doing drugs, so it'd be nice to see a little more of her. Variety being the spice of life and all.

4. Those Ladies Who Stole SWAG from the Dead Cartel Guys

After Gus Fring & co. managed to poison and/or shoot down an entire Mexican drug cartel, a group of... lady companions... made off with a house-load of loot. Where are those ladies now? Are they still... companioning? Did they sell their spoils on eBay and make enough money to take a trip around the world? Can they have their own Real Housewives franchise?

5. Every Packet of Sugar and/or Stevia on This Show

You know that's where the ricin is going to end up, right? How will an innocent little sugar packet be able to deal with that guilt? Find out on the season premiere of "Sugar Baby," co-starring Rob Lowe.

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