Cult Band Reunites at Music Festival

Diana Oliva Cave ABC/Univision

Despite the cold, the rain and a last minute cancellation, Vive Latino 2013 got off to a late but rockin' start on Friday. The festival was scheduled to expand to a fourth day this year, getting started on Thursday afternoon. But fans were disappointed when the whole day was cancelled because Morrissey got pneumonia. Then the gods seemed to be against the festival, whose other headliners include Underworld, Blur and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, when Mexico City's normally pleasant March weather gave way to rain and cold temperatures. Luckily, it didn't seem to faze the always enthusiastic fans who cheered, danced, ate tacos de canasta along Domino's pizza while singing along to their favorite tunes by acts such as Los Amigos Invisibles, Love of Lesbian, Juan Cirerol and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

A highlight was the reunion of Porter, a Guadalajara based experimental, indie rock band that disbanded in 2008 after a performance at Coachella. Lead singer Juan Son went on to pursue a successful solo career but fans were excited to see him back on stage, decked out in a sequin robe, playing songs like "Vaquero Galático" and "Espiral" with the rest of the band.

The band was appreciative of the warm welcome back. "Thank you for all of the support and for being here. We love you very much. You are special to us," said Juan Son.

Click on the video for a taste of last night's performance.

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