Hit Men Plotted to Kill Justin Bieber

PHOTO: Justin Bieber


In terrifying celebrity news today, two hit men from Albuquerque, New Mexico have been arrested for plotting to kidnap, kill and castrate pop star Justin Bieber at his Madison Square Garden show.

Forty-one-year-old Mark Staake and his nephew, 23-year-old Tanner Ruane, were allegedly recruited by Dana Martin -- a convicted rapist and killer Staake had met in prison -- to carry out a total of four murders, including those of Bieber and his bodyguard. Martin gave the two specific instructions on how to castrate their victims and strangle them with a paisely-print necktie -- Martin's personal calling card.

Martin was apparently obsessed with Justin Bieber and even sported a tattoo of the singer on his leg.

Staake was arrested in Vermont on outstanding warrants before being able to commit the killings commissioned by Martin. Ruane was arrested later, after he had been recorded telling Martin that he was disappointed he hadn't been able to carry out the murders. He was found in possession of pruning shears when he was eventually apprehended by authorities.

Oddly enough, it was Martin who put a stop to the crime. According to KRQE.com's report, police say that Martin "notified authorities about the plot."

This isn't the first time someone's suggested murdering Bieber. In 2011, a Peruvian man started a Facebook page threatening to kill the young singer.

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