The Wonder of Nature: Feminus Hispanicus [Video]

Alex Alvarez/Fusion

From the Fusion archives:

The Wonder of Nature was a science program that ran on public access from January through February of 1979. The show, hosted by Dr. Prudence Puddingboot, offered an in-depth look at various flora and fauna across the globe.

In this particular episode, Dr. Puddingboot guides viewers through the world of the Feminus Hispanicus, a creature shrouded in mystery and speculation.

Shortly after this episode aired, it was discovered that Puddingboot was not, in fact, a doctor. The show was swiftly terminated and Puddingboot went on to find fame as a composer of adult movie scores, including "Bom Chika Bom Bom," "Sax in the Afternoon," and "Bom Chika Bom Bom II: Bom Bom Chika Chika."

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