'Nsynco de Mayo: A New Way To Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

PHOTO: NSYNCO de Mayo is the new way to celebrate the May 5th holiday.


It's Cinco de Mayo! And nobody knows what it really stands for. Seriously, ask one margarita-swilling person at a bar near you. So we propose an alternative that we can all grasp. 'NSynco de Mayo!

What's 'NSynco de Mayo? I'm so glad you asked. It's the opposite of spending your usual Cinco de Mayo festivities offending Mexicans by drinking margaritas and wearing fake mustaches. Why 'NSync? Well because their third big single "Here We Go" was released on Cinco de Mayo! -- of 1997. (Just go with it.)

Here's how you celebrate:

- Instead of drinking Coronas, drink pop. Dirty pop. Wa-wa-wa-you can't stop.

- To impress your crush, don't ride a mechanical bull in a bar. Do as the lady-killing 'Nsync boys did and pour some water all over yourself in front of your crush while harmonizing with your buddies:

"You know the party's here. Sing along and have no fear. 'NSync is here, to make you people scream."

- Don't go to Party City for sombreros, make a u-turn and head to your nearest ski shop to pick up some down vests.

- Skip the poncho, unless you want to be racially insensitive. Instead, put on every white item you own.

- If you don't do white then put on your chubby older brother's basketball gear and throw on some of your younger sister's tinted blue sunglasses.

- How do you dance like a Mexican, exactly? You can't. It's actually so much easier to dance like a member of a boy band. Do that.

- Good tacos look simple to make, but they're not. Instead, we suggest you make some heart-shaped sugar cookies with your favorite 'Nsync member's name written in blue sprinkles.

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