No Time For Bieber. Too Busy Listening To Real Music.


The Greater Miami Youth Symphony trains musicians as young as 5 to as old as 18 -- and if you've ever heard a 5-year-old play an instrument, you know you want to throw their instrument out the window within two minutes. So to all violin/piano/clarinet/guitar/drums teachers out there, we applaud you for your inhumanly patience.

But back to the symphony... It's not just talented musicians, like the amazing 10-year-old violinist Sophia Molina. It's young people who are interested in more than TOP 40s and video games.

Jason Arevalo, 16, admitted to not really listening to anything except classical music in his free time, and a few 9-year-old violin-players told us when they're not listening to Bach or Mozart they choose to listen to jazz (although they couldn't remember any names).

The name they did remember was Justin Bieber's, except it wasn't the usual response we read from tweens on Twitter every day.

"I don't like his songs because they're not fun to sing," said 9-year-old Jasmine.

You heard it here first. Bieber's songs are just not fun to sing.

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