Producer Rico Love on Making Hits, Reviving Careers, and the Misperceived Death of R&B


Many of music’s biggest stars have scored their number-one hits with Grammy-nominated mega-producer Rico Love. After a decade in the music biz, the 31-year-old recalls the humble beginnings of his career and the moment that lifted him off the couch, literally.

After showcasing his talent to R&B superstar Usher, the rapper-turned-producer/songwriter has become a go-to for many industry A-listers like Beyonce, Nelly, Diddy, Chris Brown, Fergie and the star-studded list goes on.

With his first solo artist album set to debut later this year, Rico insists he’s the future of music. And by the looks of his resume--and the unreleased songs heard in his Miami-based studio--it seems he indeed is.

Correspondent Jordan Diaz (@Jordan_Diaz) went one-on-one with the musical heavyweight for an interview in which Rico opened up about losing friends after fame, the artists on which the industry gave up, and his friendship with Usher.

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