Check Out Angel Haze's Video for "No Bueno"

PHOTO: Note: Not Angel Haze


OH BOY. Might we discuss Angel Haze's new video for "No Bueno"? OH. BOY. Let me just say, straight out the gate, that this video and its lyrics are very much NSFPeopleWhoDon'tWantToSeeOrHearAboutLadyPartsRightNow. You've been warned. Use discretion. Be an adult about this, kids.

Ok, so, here's some of what you will find in this video:

- Drag queens

- A punk/Goth dominatrix who removes her clothing and will give this video lots of hits

- A lady who is probably not a very good school teacher but has really nice energy

- Probably some vegans

- Guys with big muscles

- Guys with small muscles

- An old man who flows psychedelic

- A little person

- A tall person

- People saying "No Bueno," which is not something anyone who knows Spanish should ever say. Like, not even as part of a meme. Stop it.

- Girls with really great haircuts

- Booty crack

- And, most importantly: Donkey Lips from Salute Your Shorts

Please enjoy and/or hate this accordingly.

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