Shepard Fairey Works His Magic at Miami's Art Basel

Ingrid Rojas/Univision

Word that artist Shepard Fairey was in Miami spread fast among the city's artistic crowd. Not only was he in town working on a new public mural, but he was actually talking to people, shaking hands, signing autographs and merrily getting photographed. ABC/Univision went to investigate and indeed found a friendly, approachable artist.

Fairey didn't mind getting interrupted by fans while working on his new mural in Miami's Wynwood Walls this Wednesday Nov. 28th. (Ingrid Rojas/Univision)

Fairey, who rose to fame with his ubiquitous "Obey" stickers and the 2008 "Hope" poster of President Obama (for which he was later sued by The Associated Press for copyright infringement), is working on a new wall commemorating Tony Goldman, real estate mogul and developer of Wynwood Walls, where Miami's thriving street-art scene sprouted a decade ago. Goldman passed away in September of this year.

Fairey's new wall will debut next Tuesday December 4th before the opening of Art Basel Miami Beach, one of the biggest art fairs in the world which brings together curators, collectors, and art lovers starting Thursday Dec. 6th for four days.

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