The Royal Baby Is Born! Duke of Cambridge Says, "We Could Not Be Happier." Brands Say, "Us Either."

PHOTO: Please Stop Trending follows trending hashtags on Twitter.

Romina Puga/Fusion

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't expecting the Royal Baby Twitter frenzy that made it difficult for any of us to do any real work today. But I did not expect all the marketing strategies.

Brands had their clever tweets that tied in the birth of the baby with their product ready to go as soon as the baby's sex was announced. Oreo played with their usual milk ads, Charmin joked about the baby's "throne" (pretty good,) Maybelline tweeted that the royal baby is definitely "born with it" (which is weird because it's a boy,) and Pizza Hut used it as a strange way to sell their free breadsticks.

I don't know if this is as much a Please Stop Trending, as it is Wow, I'm Impressed This Is Trending, Good Work Marketers. We had the baby judge them for himself.

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