Sheriff Joe Says He Faces Discrimination

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Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio turns 81 next week, and he's taking the time to recognize a victim of discrimination -- himself.

Never mind the recent federal court ruling that said the Phoenix-area sheriff was unfairly targeting Latinos in his notorious "crime suppression" sweeps.

Arpaio says he'll increasingly focus on age discrimination as he continues his fifth term as sheriff, and as he plans for a sixth.

He counts himself among the people looked down upon because of their age. Watch Arizona's Fox 10 ask the tough questions here.

After a court ruling last week found that the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office systematically profiled Latinos in its jurisdiction, Arpaio is rethinking his approach to immigration. He has temporarily suspended all immigration enforcement actions until a June 14 hearing with the district court judge that made the decision.

Brandon Jones, a spokesperson for the sheriff's office, didn't rule out that Arpaio might go back to enforcing immigration laws down the road:

"We are out of the immigration business until that hearing," Jones told the AP. "Until that hearing, better safe than sorry."

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