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7 Recreational Drugs That Are Perfectly Legal

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Americans are well-known for their illegal drugs: locking people up for them, fearing them and, most of all, using them. But there are lots of legal drugs that we use to unwind at the end of a hard day's work. Here are a few of them:

All these illegal drugs can be terrifying with their side effects, after effects and regular effects. Better to go for something that the government approves of and is healthy and safe.
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Whippets (legal to purchase but illegal to use recreationally in certain states)
Whether you're at a concert or just passing through the parking lot on your way to a hockey game, there's no finer way to calm the mind than a hit of whippets. This cheap and quick high occasionally kills people, but then again, what's more rock and roll than dying in an arena parking lot in your cargo shorts?
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Speaking of dying, did you know cigarettes are horrible for you? Either way, they're one of the few recreational drugs that are legal, so I guess we have no choice but to keep smoking them. Maybe try switching to menthol.
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The only thing it will leave more stained than your teeth and tie is your soul.
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When weed isn't an option, you could always turn to something else that resembles it but produces a hallucinogenic effect that some say is more powerful than LSD. The high passes after a few minutes, but the video your friends covertly record will last a lifetime on YouTube.
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Cough Syrup
Before there was sizzurp (Purple Drank, officially), there was regular old cough syrup. Sure even one tablespoon tastes awful, but no one said getting high legally would be easy, safe or fun.
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Pot is only legal for recreational use in two states, Washington and Colorado, and the federal government still considers it a "dangerous drug." It's scary to think there could be a time when you just dial a number and someone shows up and delivers weed to -- hold on, I'm getting a call. Have to finish this up later.
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