We Asked, You Answered: What You Want To Hear at the Debate

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Mitt Romney and Barack Obama will meet for a second presidential debate on Tuesday night at Hofstra University in New York. While the first debate was moderated -- regardless of Jim Lehrer's performance -- this debate will be in a town-hall format.

The polling organization Gallup picked a random sample of 80 voters to ask whatever they choose on Tuesday. Those selected live near Hofstra University in Nassau County. The group is racially diverse, and includes both men and women, Republicans and Democrats.

Gallup has not pre-screened the questions. Each audience member will write their question on an index card that will then be given to the moderator, CNN political correspondent Candy Crowley. The audience member will also have an index card with the question on it, which they will read to the candidates.

Crowley has said she plans to ask follow-up questions, a pledge both campaigns reportedly oppose. The Commission on Presidential Debates, the nonprofit, nonpartisan organization sponsoring the debates, did not respond to a request for comment.

The debate, which will cover both domestic and foreign policy, takes place as the candidates are locked in a neck-and-neck battle for the Oval Office. A pair of recent polls show Romney gaining ground among Latinos, and he was widely regarded as the winner of the first debate.

Given the format, the town hall will likely provide voters, especially those who are still undecided, with the chance to see how each candidate reponds to various issues on the fly.

That got us thinking: What kinds of issues would the average reader want to ask Obama or Romney about if they had the chance? We posed that question via social media, and the answers covered issues from healthcare to the economy. Below are some of our favorites:

@p_anaya75 Why is gas so high? It affects everyone and businesses. How can u help?

@wmthos If u win & ur party doesn't control Congress, what specifically will u do in the first 90 days to build relationships?

@norm_1142 do you believe in anthropogenic climate change? If so, what will you do about it?

@jaymewnelson What is your plan to create jobs? Have heard Romney's, but nothing new from Obama except tax wealthy..anything else?

@mendoza1114 I would ask #Romney to show his tax returns from 2009 and why hasn't he released them?

@JMar254 If life begins at conception why do people have to wait until birth for the tax write off?

@knight_tracker Both parties are lying to the people. There is no way to pay off debt without raising taxes. So how would you do it fairly?

Don't see your question? Tell us what you would ask in the comments section below.

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