The 5 Things Obama Hates More Than White People [Parody]

PHOTO: Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) pictured at the Potato Blossom Festival parade in Aroostook County, July 2013.

Paul LePage, Maine's Governor, Facebook

Say what? Maine Gov. Paul LePage reportedly told a group of Republicans that President Obama “hates white people.”

LePage (R) made the remark at a recent fundraiser, according to three attendees, including two state lawmakers who say they heard the remark directly.

UPDATE: LePage on Tuesday denied making the comment.

If true, this isn’t the first time that LePage has made a bombastic comment since being elected in 2010. While people tend to laugh off the credibility of such a claim, we here at Fusion are taking LePage seriously. Here are five other things that Obama hates even more than white people.

1. White dogs

Have you seen the Obama's new dog, Sunny? He's completely black. I guess Bo's splashes of white fur were just too much for the POTUS.

2. Kanye West

Obama dissed Kanye after he ruined Taylor Swift’s speech at the VMAs. Incidentally, Kanye once claimed that George Bush doesn’t care about white people. It all comes full circle.

3. Shooting the Basketball

Seriously, this guy is worse at hitting layups than Patrick Ewing.

4. Beets

The things we learn about our elected leaders...

5. Skinny Jeans

Obama helped spark the death of skinny jeans, according to our newspaper of record. There goes the Brooklyn hipster vote.

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