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5 Examples of Terrible Parenting

Craigslist, via The Daily Dot

Parents, you guys. Amiright? Ugh. They're always doing things like raising you and counting to three slowly in public and putting up Craigslist ads hunting down a sugar baby for your sexual pleasure. Yeah, a mom from Philadelphia posted a Craigslist ad on her Harvard-bound son's behalf, searching for a woman to turn him from "high school nerd to cool college kid" by taking his virginity after a concert and then entering into a short-term sexual relationship with him in order to show him "different sex positions." Mom, you are SUCH a pimp! LOLiterally. Also, that's not what "sugar baby" means. So, if that little fairytale didn't gross you out enough, here are some other instances of really ungreat parenting. Take note, lest ye make the same mistakes involving guns, Nazis, and Lil' Wayne.

This Dad, You Guys
Surely you remember your parents emailing you this one: When his 15-year-old daughter vented about him and his wife in a bratty Facebook update, IT worker Tommy Jordan made a video addressing her attitude problem. Naturally, it all culminated in firing eight rounds into her laptop. Now, it's not as if a lot of us wouldn't be tempted to do this. I've wanted to throw people's stuff out the window for far, far less. It's just kind of, you know. Over the top? Dramatic? Wasteful? Setting a bad precedent for how to deal with conflict? A good rule of thumb is that, if you parent's method of castigating you goes viral, it's probably questionable.
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This Mom, You Guys
Obviously, we're all huge fans of Weezy F. Baby. He just really resonates with the demo, naturally. But it's almost never a good idea to lock your small children in a car so that you can attend a Lil' Wayne concert. At least have the courtesy to do this at a Justin Timberlake concert, because chances are Joey Fatone is circling the parking lot and will probably offer to babysit. But, seriously, please never do this to kids or pets.
PHOTO: This mom
These Parents, You Guys
When attending a custody hearing in Nazi party regalia, don't.
PHOTO: These parents
This Elephant, You Guys
The height of rudeness.
PHOTO: This elephant
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