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8 Memes and Videos Inspired by Moms


Moms are phenomenal. They gave us life, they mentor us, they raise us, they make sacrifices for us, they share the truths others are afraid to tell us about that Pixie we thought was a good idea. Whether your mom is biological, adopted, or chosen by you far into adulthood, give that lady a hug. And thank her for all she's given the internet. Like, in a good way. Moms are at the center of so many online memes and viral videos because they're just, UGH, so weird and fantastic. Take for example, the time a mom retold The Matrix to her son and inspired this amazing video about a movie we'd actually watch. [Spoiler alert: This movie definitely has little to nothing to do with The Matrix.] Check it out. Because that's definitely not enough, here are more mom-centric memes and viral videos. The next time your mom forwards you a chain email, reply with these.

Sheltering Suburban Mom
This mom just wants you to be safe! Sure, she might be kind of a hypocrite as she sits there all smug in her velour tracksuit, but we think her heart is in the right place. Most of the time. Around since 2011, this image macro provides a great way for kids to vent about moms. Or, at least, a certain kind of mom.
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Oblivious Suburban Mom
Oblivious Suburban Mom is a sassy, confident lady woman who tends to look on the bright side, particularly when it comes to her kids' online habits. She first became popular in 2011, and has been gently smiling at our transgressions ever since.
PHOTO: Thats right, mom.
Attractive Convict Mom
This series of images featuring an attractive young woman posing for her mugshot, started get a lot of attention (as mugshots featuring attractive young women are wont to do). The woman behind the photo, a mother of four from Florida, was surprised to learn that her three-year-old photo had gained so much popularity.
Forever Resentful Mom
According to, this particular meme kicked off with a Redditor named MidnRainbow on January 25th, 2012. If you're a mom, use these advice animal image macros to vent. If you're a kid, use it to make fun of your wine-toting mama. Everyone wins(?).
PHOTO: -_-
Sleepwalking Mom
This is one of my favorites. This truly adorable mom sleepwalks, sleepdances, sleepsmirks while discussing a "tomato cage." After the video went viral, her son sat her down and made her watch it, filming her reaction for us.
PHOTO: Its a code, you guys.
Mom's iPhone Rules
Gregory was psyched to receive an iPhone for Christmas, until his mom presented him with an 18-point list of phone usage do's and don'ts. Their joint interview went viral, and now everyone in America knows to text Gregory dirty jokes.
PHOTO: Youre embarrassing me, mom!
Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama's Mom Dances
There is nothing so graceful a mother's dancing. In order to promote her "Let's Move" health initiative, First Lady Michelle Obama joined host Jimmy Fallon in a series of mom dances. The "Happy Snapper" is a true classic.
PHOTO: Mom dances > Dad jokes
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