PHOTO: Just taking in the view in South Australia.

7 Bizarre Scenes Captured on Google Street View

Google Street View, via Redditor Corncorn01

Quick! You see the Google Street View car making its way down the street. What do you do? A., Dive for cover. It's laundry day and all you're wearing are pajama pants and a giant sweatshirt featuring Bugs Bunny as a chola. The world doesn't need to see this. B., Advertise your business! Grab the nearest piece of paper / stranger's T-shirt and scribble "For a good time, call 1-900-I-M-2-S-E-X-Y." C., Make love. One couple in Australia went with option "C" in a big way. Of course, the two were likely just SIMULATING dusty roadside coitus, particularly since they had the presence of mind to wave at the Google camera as it went past and had passed the Google car on the same road a bit earlier. Oh, what's that? You want more Google Street View weirdness? Happy to oblige.

First of all, this street -- Loma Larga in Nuevo Leon, Mexico -- is gorgeous. Look at those mountains. The blooming bougainvillea. The school girl eating pavement as her friends look on. (Keep moving down the road to watch her in action. Because you're a bad person.)
PHOTO: A girl takes a tumble in Mexico
Street Fun
Over in Western Cape, South Africa, a group of friends decided it would be a good idea to luge down the winding, sloping road. Good thing cars don't use streets or anything.
PHOTO: Hitting the road in South Africa
Artist Jon Rafman has taken screenshots of several more questionable, bizarre, breathtaking, and eerie Google Street View moments for his "9-eyes" project, including this house -- evidently the site of a prank.
PHOTO: Youve been pranked. And the world knows it.
Hot Air
What, a guy can't take his girlfriend for a stroll without everybody staring? Get over it, puritans.
PHOTO: What a heartwarming Google+ commercial this would make.
Hot Chick
The Street with a View project, spearheaded in 2008 by artists Robin Hewlett and Ben Kinsley invited the Google Street View team and Pittsburgh residents to join in creating a series of images along Sampsonia Way, including documentation of the street's beloved (?) Raw Chicken Sculpture.
PHOTO: The other other white meat.
Horsing Around
"Horse Boy" is a man in a horse mask (or a horse in a man costume) that has been spotted posing for Google Stree View cameras and fans alike across Europe. This YouTube user claims to be Horse Boy, but. You know. Who wouldn't?
PHOTO: A horse of a different color.
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