Cronuts To Cragels: The Evolution of Food Novelty

PHOTO: Cragel

Stew Leonard

Last year the hot #foodporn topic was the Cronut, the crispy melt in your mouth croissant doughnut hybrid. Only a small amount were available per day, and a year later, lines still run around the New York bakery. The Cronut brought to the public attention the many, MANY foodporn options available, sparking a wave of copycats and wannabes.

There was the Trownie -- a Tart Brownie. Now we have the Cragel, or Crogel, depending which bakery you ask. This is the croissant bagel hybrid. Stew Leonards, a grocery store from Norwalk, Conn. uses the croissant dough shaped bagel style that's baked in a hearth.

“Crogels! We shape croissant dough into the size of a bagel, then kettle boil and hearth baked it. Crispy on the outside..buttery and flaky inside!” Stew Leonards said on their Facebook page. So far there is no limit on the amount of Cragels.

Another store has followed suit with Cragels. This one, based in NYC's Williamsburg, told the Gothamist that they bake a "delicate, flaky, buttery croissant" into a bagel. A hybrid, made up of 50% croissant and 50% bagel.

I’m sure it will be delicious, I just am sick of novelty food for the sake of novelty. Everyone wants to get a Cronut pie now, and while yummy, the marketing spin behind it leaves a sick taste in my stomach.

Though, I still want to try it...

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