DIY Skatepark Brings Skateboarding to Miami's Masses [Video]

Alissa Figueroa, Marcos Alonso/Fusion

They are everywhere. Underneath bridges, out in parking lots, and on closed school property, Miami's skateboarders skate anywhere except for a skate park.

Because there are barely any.

Chilean professional skateboarder Danny Fuenzalida is trying to change that. He moved to Miami five and a half years ago from one of the biggest skateboarding cities in the world- San Francisco. He's joined forces with Nick Katz, a semi-pro skateboarder and Miami native, in building the only free skate park in Miami: Grand Central Park.

"It's the first time in the city's history that there's a centrally located skatepark that's directly off the transit line and that for me was very important," says Katz.

They have backing from the Omni Parkwest Redevelopment Association, a nonprofit working to beautify downtown Miami.

With more than 50 kids from all backgrounds coming every day to skate, Fuenzalida and Katz are hoping to develop the park with bigger and better obstacles. "When I look out at these kids I feel like I'm so proud," says Fuenzalida. "I'm happy that they have an outlet. It's a beautiful thing."

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