Karachi Airport in Pakistan Attacked by Militants, 5 Dead

Via @NomanZubair993: Picture from inside Jinnah Airport, DG Rangers entering the premises #Karachi #airportsecurity

NomanZubair993 via Twitter

Militants armed with automatic weapons and handmade grenades attacked the Karachi International Airport in Pakistan on Sunday night. Police officials told AFP that between four to six gunmen are suspected to be in the airport exchanging fire with security personnel. Footage from news reports shows planes on fire on the runway. All flights to and from the airport have been suspended. No group has stepped forward to claim responsibility for the attack.

A bystander tweeted this image from inside the Karachi airport.

Flights headed to the Karachi Airport are being diverted.

Max Abrahms, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and terrorism analyst for Al Jazeera America, Voice of America, and the BBC, is reporting on the attack.

Multiple sources including the Associated Press have confirmed at least five dead have died in the attacks.

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