Now You Can Use Bitcoin to Pay For Boob Jobs

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Bitcoin was supposed to be the virtual currency created on the interwebs and designed to be secure and untraceable. It was, in essence, the domain of the dark web underbelly. Except now it’s going mainstream. In the last few weeks we’ve heard about the first Bitcoin ATM, Bitcoin escorts and Bitcoin babies. And now there’s Bitcoin botox. And Boob jobs.

Vanity Cosmetic Center in Miami claims to be the “world’s first cosmetic surgery center that officially allows customers to pay with Bitcoin.”

Carlos Yela, advertising and PR manager for this location said, “We have a lot of out-of-state patients and find a way to offer something that facilitates access to our services. None of our clients requested it, but we see having it as giving us an advantage.”

Yela is optimistic about what Bitcoin will do for the business. “We see this as a future trend and as a future opportunity for globalization.”

Vanity Miami is offering first-time clients the option to pay 20 percent with Bitcoin, while customers already in the system can pay 100 percent that way. This is to address concerns of fraud.

Currency changes can also be a concern, as Bitcoin stock has dropped and raised radically over the last few months. “What we plan to do is transfer it immediately into dollars once we get paid," Yela. "We know there is a risk, and that’s why we only take 20 percent of payment this way to begin with.”

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