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Political Ice Cream: Make a Statement With Flavors

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Political Ice Cream. Yeah, It’s a Thing.
San Francisco Giants pitcher Sergio Romo is pretty well known for his right arm, but now his political stance is getting its own platform, too. Three Twins Ice Cream announced they will be launching a flavor to honor the baseball player’s stance on immigration issues, called "Sergio Romo's Mexican Chocolate” with a tagline that says “It Only Tastes Illegal." While it’s certainly a delicious way to show support for an important cause, this ISN’T the first time ice cream has been used as a way to make a political statement. Here are some of our favorites.
PHOTO: Three Twins Ice Cream
Baskin-Robbins Candi-Date
Baskin-Robbins has a surprising history of political ice cream flavors. Their first was Candi-Date in 1960, around the time of the election of JFK. Candi-Date combined vanilla with diced dates and butter brickle candy. They followed this up with Acceptance Peach Ice Cream in 1976, to honor President Jimmy Carter. Nowadays Baskin-Robbins use ice cream flavors for both candidates. For the 1996 election they created two flavors, one for Bill Clinton (Saxy Candidate) and one for Bob Dole (G-O-Peanut Butter).
PHOTO: Baskin Robbins
Ben and Jerry’s Yes Pecan!
Yes Pecan was a pretty simple play on Obama's “Yes We Can” speech. It was created in 2009 and described as "an Inspirational Blend! Amber Waves of Buttery Ice Cream With Roasted Non-Partisan Pecans."
PHOTO: Yes Pecan
Obama Impeach-Mint
One flavor we are unlikely to see is the Barack Obama Impeach-Mint. Probably because it's a spoof. Mad Magazine did a humorous design of where Obama might go wrong, and though we like their sarcasm we think it’s unlikely to get mass distribution. Tastes like scandal. Or not.
PHOTO: Obama Impeach-Mint
Baracky Road Ice Cream
This delicious looking ice cream was created by blogger Moveable Feasts. She made it to show her support for Obama. This recipe was not her own. It came from Molly Moon's cookbook, which also offers a Mitt Chocolate Chip. Yum.
PHOTO: Baracky Road Ice cream
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